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Date: 04:57:27   11/04/2015

I am sending this to the central hotel email address as I have lost my note book that I had your direct email address in. I hope it gets to you Mr  Nguyen (sorry I have forgotten your first name)

Hi there, with so many visitors on a daily basis you may not remember us but when we were leaving the Ruby I promised I would let you know how we got on getting to Mu Cang Chai.

Firstly, I do hope all went well with your new arrival and that mother and baby are doing well.

Secondly, can I congratulate and thank you for the excellent level of service that you gave to us and that I saw you giving to other customers. For 25 years I taught service management at a UK university and recognise good management and attention to detail. You made our short stay at the Ruby very memorable together with the excellent quality of the hotel.

Finally our trip. 
You were quite correct, when we arrived at Tuan Giao we found out that it was a bit of a dead end and so having got so far we eventually decided to continue on to Son La, expecting to have to travel to Yen Bai to get to Mu Cang Chai. However, when we arrived at Son La we found that there was a 5am Lai Chau bus or you can get a Lao Cai bus (taking 5 hours direct to Than Uyen ) So the following morning we went direct to Than Uyen. And from there a 1 hour skip to Mu Cang Chai. I have to say that the road from Son La to Than Uyen was one of the most scenic we have travelled in all of Vietnam. 
If we were to do the same journey again I suggest that it may be possible in one day as we lost 3 hours in Tuan Giao waiting for the next bus to Son La (the irony being we were originally on the 8am bus from Dien Bien to Son La but got off it at Tuan Giao) also there is no need to go all the way to Son La as the buses to Than Uyen from Son La go North back up highway 6 to a little town about an hour North of Son La and then turns off across country to Than Uyen.

Once again, many thanks for all your help

Wishing you and your family all the  very best 
Roy and Sandy Edwards 

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